Monterey Bay Aquarium – California…

We spent the last few days in Monterey. My sister used to live there, so I had visited once before. There are gorgeous beaches, and Monterey has the cutest downtown area.

We had heard from many people that Monterey has the best aquarium, so we wanted to check it out ourselves.

When I looked up ticket prices online, I saw that they allow homeschoolers to come for free on Mondays or any school group of 10 or more children to come for free on other days. I called a week and a half in advance but found out they have a mandatory two week in advance scheduling. We were bummed to miss the money saving opportunity, but I definitely want to pass this information on to you! It would have cost us around $350 to get in, so we chose to purchase a family membership for $250 to at least save some money.

We knew pretty quickly after walking through the doors that it was the best aquarium we’d ever visited.

The displays were gorgeous. The glass was so clear, the lighting was perfect and the way the fish were grouped was very eye-catching.

Our kids were mesmerized.

Our little girls were so excited when we came across Dory and Nemo. Haha. They yelled, “Dory! Nemo!!”

There are tons of different fish to see. There are some toddler and baby play areas. And there are touch pools where you are able to touch things like stingrays, starfish and hermit crabs.

Our little girls absolutely loved this wave room. They went wild with squeals and laughter every time a wave came over them.

Bravely was a big fan of all the fish. She babbled and pointed, babbled and pointed.

We think the Monterey Bay Aquarium is a must see if you are ever in the area!

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  1. What a wonderful place to visit! I have been there. Loved, loved your video of all the fish and video of water splashing down. Great pictures!

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