Mercy’s 6th birthday…

Today we celebrated Mercy’s 6th birthday!

Mercy started the day by going with her Daddy to select some donuts.

When they got back to the RV, we did our traditional donut stack with candles.

Mercy was so excited about the pink donut and the blue donut with sprinkles she picked for herself.

After breakfast, we read Mercy what each of us had written in her birthday journal, and she opened the gifts we got for her.

Mercy requested we go to Mod Pizza for lunch. We had never been prior to new friends inviting us recently here in California. It’s such a fun and yummy place. Our kids love getting to walk through the line and select the toppings for their own personal pizza. Mercy picked pepperoni and sausage.

She got a special drink and a free miniature cake there as well.

Then Mercy wanted to go to a really fun park with a playground. A quick Google search landed us in the perfect spot for an afternoon of fun.

The weather in California is amazing. It was around 75 degrees all afternoon.

Mercy had a blast, and so did all her sisters and brothers.

Happy 6th birthday, Mercy Rain!

You are sweet, smiley and full of giggles. You are a girl with few words, and you are bold and secure. You are easy to parent. You rarely get into mischief, and you receive correction well. You love to be tickled and held. You adore Bravely. You were the first sibling she laughed at, and you can still get her to laugh hard. You love acting silly with Treasure, River and Jubilee. You are often making small crafts – drawing, cutting, gluing and coloring. You make all sorts of cool creations like phones, computers, houses, people and even clothes to tape on the people. You amaze me with your drawings. You are naturally athletic, and you enjoy being outdoors. You are a happy girl, simply happy. It doesn’t matter what we are doing, you almost always have a smile on your face and are enjoying life. You are really cute and loving. I just love having you as my daughter! I love you so very much! 💕

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