Home for the holidays – Texas…

After Mississippi and Louisiana, we headed home to Texas for the holidays.

We enjoyed lots of time with family.

First, we had Christmas with Ryan’s family.

Our kids were so happy to get time with their cousins. There was great food, gifts, games, a hayride and so much fun!

Gigi and Pops gave each family a unicycle. The older kids spent a lot of time trying, falling and trying again.

Then, we spent a few days celebrating Christmas at our RV. Our kids were surprised and excited about their gifts.

We gave our four oldest kids electric scooters and hover boards. Our middle three got MP3 players. And our youngest three got cute lap desks. They spent the next few days enjoying these and other gifts.

We made a birthday cake for Jesus. We ate it and went wild with silly string celebrating on Christmas Day.

We were parked at one of our favorite spots on the lake, and it was the perfect place to spend Christmas!

We were planning to leave the day after Christmas to head to my parents house. Both of my parents got Covid, though. So, we hung around our spot on the lake and watched Christmas movies most everyday. Our kids had not seen many Christmas movies, so they really enjoyed this. We love the 2018 Grinch movie, and our favorite was The Star.

Finally, we went to have Christmas with my family once my parents’ quarantine ended.

Once again, our kids were so excited to get time with cousins!

We enjoyed several days together – gift opening, eating yummy food, lots of giggles and playing.

All in all, we had a wonderful Christmas! It was great to be home for the holidays!