Mercy’s 8th Birthday…

Today we celebrated Mercy’s 8th birthday!

I gave Mercy the options of donuts, kolaches or me picking her up something from Sam’s for breakfast. She decided she wanted brownies, so that’s what we had!

We sang “Happy Birthday”, and then everyone enjoyed the extra sweet breakfast.

Mercy could hardly wait to open her gifts after she finished breakfast. As she opened each present, she guessed who it was from…and she guessed correctly every single time.

Mercy loves drawing and is very into fashion, so most of her gifts revolved around those things. She was very excited.

Mercy immediately opened her new sketchbook and started drawing.

Mercy wanted to go to Chick-fil-A for lunch. We headed that way but found out it was still closed for dine-in. Her second choice was Panera Bread, so that’s where we went. Mercy just loves the Creamy Tomato soup there.

For at least a month in advance, Mercy has been planning her special day. The thing she wanted to do most was for me to take her, Jubilee and Treasure out to eat and to the mall.

Claire’s is Mercy’s favorite store. We had way too much fun shopping there! Haha.

After a little shopping, the girls got popsicles. They loved every lick and every bite.

Then, we went back to the RV. The girls modeled the clothes they bought and showed off their accessories from Claire’s. Brothers laughed and sisters oohed and aahed.

We ended the evening reading what we’d each written to Mercy in her journal. She thanked each person and gave each a hug. I could tell she had a really good day, and I’m so glad she did!

Baby Mercy

Happy 8th birthday, Mercy Rain! 🌈

Girl, you are so spunky, cute and fun! You love saying funny things, hearing funny things and laughing so hard you cry. You are very fashionable, and you are confident creating your own style. You love wearing fake glasses, dangly earrings and headbands. You like fixing your hair and your sisters’ hair in cute styles. Your favorite colors are teal and turquoise. You choose those colors every thing, every time. You are a really good artist. I am always amazed by the pictures you draw. You seem to enjoy drawing more than any other activity. You do love playing outside. And you love talking. I think it’s so cute when you and Jubilee go on walks and talk to each other. You are the youngest girl I know who loves money and gift cards. You know that means shopping, and you love to shop. You are quite the little entrepreneur. Recently, you were gifted gummy worms. You ate probably half, gifted a couple and sold the others individually to your siblings. I’ve said it before, but you are easy to parent. You are just a very happy and content little girl. You love playing with your siblings, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen you sitting around bored. I love getting to be your mommy! I love laugh-crying with you. You are one sparkly and special girl, and I just love who you are! I love you so very much! 💖