Indian Canyons – Palm Springs, CA…

Yesterday we went on the most beautiful hiking trail we’ve experienced thus far.

We had to pay an entrance fee to get into Indian Canyons. It was $9 per adult and $5 per kid ages 6-12. Ages 5 and under were free.

Someone we met, I think in Walmart, highly recommended this place. We decided to try it out, but we did not expect it to be so wonderful.

There was a stream of running water alongside the trail.

There were awesome rocks to climb.

There were beautiful palm trees.

And there were snakes. Yikes! Manning and Tapestry came right up to this rattle snake. Tapestry let out a scream and our big kids quickly started shuffling back my way. It didn’t rattle or try to strike, thankfully!

There are different hiking trails at Indian Canyons. We chose to hike the Andreas Canyon as it sounded the prettiest that would be easiest with kids.

We were able to push Bravely in the jog stroller through the first half of the trail. It got too steep and rocky the second half so we carried her for that portion.

Our kids loved walking on the rocks scattered across the stream.

Most of our kids had not hiked prior to moving into our RV. It’s a new found hobby we all really enjoy.

We loved visiting Joshua Tree, but I have to admit that we loved this even more.

This was a great way to end our time in the Palm Springs area.

We’ve now moved on to a park near San Diego. Have you been? What did you enjoy here?

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    I recommend you look into going to the San Diego Zoo. If I’m not mistaken the kids are free in the month of October. It truly is one of the best zoos in our country.

    I put a link for Torrey Pines hiking trails. It’s in La Jollla. I haven’t been in awhile but I believe you pay a car entrance fee. There is also a place up on the cliffs where you can watch people hang glide off the cliffs. I’ll look for a link and send it. You can then drive down to the La Jolla Beach and take them to the tide pools. Make sure you look to see what time is low tide. You can look for crabs, sea anemones, eels, etc. Nearby the tide pools are seals in one area and sea lions in another.

    Where are you staying in San Diego? We’re checking in today at a campground in Santee called Santee Lakes. My husband and I are both from San Diego. We just recently moved to Arizona, however we spend half our time in San Diego in our 5th wheel. San Diego will always be home.

    Enjoy your time in San Diego!

  2. Good morning – just wanting to say how much I love following you and your family! Continued safe travels! ❤️

  3. Try to over to Corranado Island and head south. Beautiful town and beaches further south. If you are lucky you may see Navy Seals training down there. They have a base on the island.

  4. Wow! This is a really cool place. Next time I visit my sister in Palm Desert, I want to go here. I am really enjoying following your family’s adventures. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Funny. I am a desert rat. Born in Indio. I have NEVER been to Canyon Springs or Joshua Tree. 🤪 Next time we are in the Coachella valley, I REALLY need to go. It looks AWESOME. Except for the snake. I absolutely HATE snakes 🐍!
    I grew up in the San Diego area. Where do you plan on seeing and visiting there? It is beautiful city and area.

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