Joshua Tree National Park – California…

We’ve been staying at an RV park that feels in the middle of nowhere. There are tons of towns surrounding us, but we have joked that it feels a bit like the twilight zone here. It’s like beach meets mountains and desert.

Our RV Park is nice. We love all the palm trees, the pool, the game room and the basketball court. Our RV spot has an awesome patio and is nice. But the space for our RV is so narrow it was like playing Tetris getting our RV to fit between the patio awning and the electrical box, and making sure the patio polls weren’t blocking our outdoor kitchen or door. We had to re-hitch more than once. Fun times – ha!

We had a couple down days after all the birthday celebrations. We worked on school, laundry, cleaning, etc.

Today we visited Joshua Tree National Park.

We entered through what appeared to be the back entrance. It was a little confusing where to go and how to get around the park. I definitely recommend going with a full tank of gas. We went with about half a tank, so we really had to cut out seeing certain areas.

This park was very different than Zion. There were way less tourists, which was nice. But it also seemed less organized and not quite as easy to navigate.

Once we got the feel of the park, we ended up really enjoying Joshua Tree. We liked exploring on our own, just driving and stopping at places that looked interesting to us.

We thought the Cholla Cactus Garden was very interesting.

Our kids especially loved climbing the large boulders.

And, of course, we were fascinated by the Joshua Trees.

There are plenty of hiking trails and other areas to explore. These were just the ones that most stood out to us.

Tomorrow is our last day in this area. Then we’ll be heading toward San Diego. We really love both exploring outdoors and city life. Traveling is quite an adventure!

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