Cherish’s 10th birthday…

Today we celebrated Cherish’s 10th birthday.

We started the day out with yogurt and granola at Cherish’s request.

We gave her gifts and read her what we each wrote to her in her journal. Then we went to the pool at our RV park.

Cherish was so happy to have the perfect weather for swimming.

We all had a great time!

After swimming we went for a late lunch to Chipotle. Chipotle is probably our favorite restaurant. Chick-fil-A is in the running as well. Cherish got to pick anything she wanted and got a special drink. Being a big family, we typically give lower cost options and we just drink water. Cherish loved choosing her food and drink.

Then we went for a much needed grocery run. We do not all go to the store together often. In our pre-RVing life, Ryan grocery shopped most every Sunday and took 1 or 2 kids with him max. Shopping as a family of 12 is definitely an adventure – not a speedy adventure. We had fun with it, though, and we are learning to enjoy shopping together on occasion. Yes, we were looking cool or nerdy or interesting in our matching shirts. We got plenty of stares and lots of conversations. Haha.

Cherish got to pick a dessert. She chose a variety cheesecake, which we all enjoyed this evening.

Happy 10th birthday, Cherish!

I can’t believe you are double digits! You are such a sensitive, loving, kind and caring girl. You are a friend to any and everybody. You happily play with each of your brothers and sisters. You adore Bravely and want to hold her and care for her as much as you get the chance. You just love River and love to tell us all the cute little things she says and does. I love watching you worship – singing, playing piano and ukulele. It’s fun to watch you walk on your hands for a lengthy amount of time. You aren’t one for a lot of pretend play. You enjoy sports, being outdoors, and you love having deep and real conversations with people. You really are just such a thoughtful, precious daughter. Your name fits you so well…you cherish others. I hope you know how cherished you are by God and by us. I love you so very much, and I am so happy to have you as my daughter!

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