Our very first family trip to the beach…

Friday we took our kids to the beach for the first time!

We went to the highly recommended La Jolla Cove. The weather was warm and sunny. It was a beautiful day to be at the beach.

This beach is known for having many seals. We saw seals hanging out on rocks and swimming in the ocean.

This beach is unlike any beach Ryan or I have been to before. There wasn’t much of a sandy shore. But we found some sand and had a blast anyway.

Our kids were amazed by the seals, the waves crashing against the rocks and the feel of waves sweeping over their feet.

We had a few kids get knocked over by the waves, which created some laughs and some cries.

River was pretty intimidated by the ocean. For some reason she latched onto Liberty and didn’t want to leave her side.

Bravely loved seeing the ocean, but she wasn’t so sure about touching.

Everyone loved searching for and collecting seashells. We decided we’ll collect some from each beach we visit. When we settle back into a house someday, we’ll fill a jar with our collected shells for decor.

The water was cold but not freezing or unbearable. There were even people swimming there, which surprised me.

When we finished playing on the beach, we found a shady spot with a great view of the ocean to sit and eat the snack lunch we packed.

It was a great first trip to the beach. Several of our kids have placed the beach in their top favorite experiences so far.

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