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Many of our kids started piano lessons at pretty young ages. Eventually we added some guitar lessons. Then ukulele, drums, bass, electric and mandolin.

Our boys’ guitar teacher, Paul, had the idea of helping our oldest five kids start a band. He taught them weekly and really helped them learn to become a team – to play together and work together. He taught them how to play different instruments. They named their band More Than Conquerors.

The practicing in our home started to sound better and better. Before long, Ryan and I were amazed. We enjoyed music made by our kids booming throughout our house daily. Now we enjoy it booming outside the door of our RV. Many of our neighbors seem to enjoy it as well.

Our kids in the band are young – Manning (12), Rhythm (12), Tapestry (11), Cherish (10) and Liberty (8). It’s not super polished, but we just love the album they’ve released of 6 original songs.

They worked together to write the songs – music and lyrics. And then they worked hard practicing and recording with their teacher, Paul.

Manning is the lead vocalist and also plays both the acoustic guitar and the electric guitar on the album. Rhythm plays bass guitar, electric guitar and sings. Tapestry plays drums and sings. Cherish plays keyboard and sings. Liberty sings.

Jesus (In My Time of Desperation) and Love were written by all 5 of them. Your Love Surrounds Me and Heaven’s Going to be So Fun were written by Manning. Sing Loud was written by Manning, Tapestry and Cherish. Fear Is Not the Boss of Me was written by Manning and Rhythm.

You can check out their album on iTunes or most other popular music streams. It’s also available for purchase and download here.

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  1. Hi, I think it’s really great that your family is so musically talented. There is as alternative rock band from Ireland that has the same name as your kids’ band name. I thought you may want to look into that. Keep on blogging your adventures!

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