A hike up Stone Mountain – Georgia…

Today we hiked up and down Stone Mountain.

There is a marked trail. It is a about a mile one way. It is all stone and rocks.

It’s a pretty strenuous hike, but was doable with small children. Treasure, age 4, had no problem. In fact, she was often ahead of all of us and I had to yell for her to wait.

Adding over 20 pounds of weight definitely made the hike difficult for me. But it was a good and fun kind of difficult. I just watched my footing really well because I did not want to bust it with Bravely in tow.

The mountain had quite a bit of water running down and puddles of water due to heavy rainfall the past several days. It wasn’t slippery, though.

The last little bit of hiking on the way to the top was steep. We stopped a couple times for a short break.

Finally, we made it to the top of Stone Mountain.

We enjoyed looking around at the view. We could see the Atlanta skyline in the distance.

Bravely tossed her glasses somewhere along the way. We asked a lady who worked in the store on the top of the mountain if anyone had turned in a pair of little purple glasses. A man swung around and asked, “Are they little wrap around glasses?” I said, “Yes!” He said, “I saw a man pick them up and hang them from a branch on a tree.” As we hiked back down the mountain we watched the trees as we walked, and sure enough, Cherish spotted Bravely’s glasses hanging from this tree. I am not sure we’d ever have found them if we weren’t told they were hanging from a tree. We are convinced this child has an angel assigned to her glasses.

When we finished our hike, we headed over to the Stone Mountain tram to meet some friends we met at an RV park in Santa Fe, NM in October.

It’s so fun to meet other people who are currently traveling full-time. It is a small world. We end up meeting friends we’ve only known through social media, and we end up running back into friends we’ve met along the way.

Jeremiah and Addy were the first two friends our kids played with at the start of RVing. Our kids were really excited to see them and play again today.

We all loved hiking Stone Mountain and then riding the tram up and down. After over 10,000 steps taken, we were exhausted and ready for a night at home!

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