Back to Georgia – Atlanta, GA…

We are enjoying a rainy week at Stone Mountain Park near Atlanta, GA.

We absolutely love our spot and our view at Stone Mountain Family Campground.

Every time the rain lets up, we head out for a walk. I even threw on my poncho and went for a walk in the pouring rain yesterday. I had my music going, and I loved every second of walking in the rain. My pants and shoes were soaked by the time I returned to the RV, but I didn’t mind.

Today the rain stopped long enough for us to go on a nice walk around the campground and then to head into Atlanta to visit Centennial Olympic Park.

It is a neat park to walk. The olympic rings, the flags, the torches and the fountains were cool to see.

We walked across the street to ride the Skyview Atlanta Ferris Wheel after we finished checking out the park.

We are learning that many places offer discounted tickets on Groupon. We purchased cheaper tickets than we’d have gotten at the ticket booth right then on my phone.

We loved seeing the great views of Atlanta from the sky. And we thought looking down on Centennial Olympic Park was an awesome view.

Bravely was amazed every time she caught sight of her Daddy. She’d yell, “Hi Daddy!”

When we got off the Skyview Atlanta, we saw the Let’s Kiss sign and just had to take this photo. Our kids thought it was hilarious, and so did the people standing nearby. Haha.

We hopped back into our van just before the rain started coming down again. It was a perfect afternoon, and we were so thankful for the little break from the rain!

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