Manitou Cliff Dwellings – Manitou Springs, Colorado…

We spent the past week in Colorado Springs. We stayed at Garden of the Gods RV resort, just outside of Manitou Springs.

We were excited when we heard about the Manitou Cliff Dwellings, a group of relocated Ancestral Puebloan cliff dwellings.

When we visited Mesa Verde, nearly a year ago, we weren’t able to walk through the cliff dwellings. We just saw them from afar.

These cliff dwellings we were able to walk through and explore.

We had fun envisioning living here.

In each space, we read about how it was used. When we encountered this room designated for a whole family, Ryan asked our kids if they could imagine living in a space this small.

They answered, “Yes.” I laughed and said, “Well, we do live in an RV.” Ha.

The cliff dwellings were like a big playhouse. Our kids had so much fun going in and out of holes, discovering new spaces everywhere they turned.

Our kids especially loved climbing the ladder to check out the second story.

After exploring all the spaces, we walked though the museum and gift shop. It was an overall fun and educational experience for us all!

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