Jellystone Park – Larkspur, Colorado…

Last week we spent the week at Jellystone Park in Larkspur, CO. It is a really nice park that just opened in June.

We didn’t tell our kids which RV park we were going to be staying at, so they were ecstatic when we drove up to Jellystone.

If you’ve never stayed at a Jellystone, it’s worth trying one! These parks typically have RV spots and cabins. They are packed full of fun amenities and activities. It is an experience similar to spending a week at summer camp.

Our whole family loves playing putt-putt golf, so we were thrilled about the nice course at Jellystone. We played putt-putt every evening we were there, until it snowed and they shut the course down. Even then, we drove over there hoping to play. Ha.

This Jellystone has an awesome water park. We took the kids Friday morning to enjoy it before the crowd arrived for Labor Day Weekend.

After enjoying the water slides and the huge bucket of water dumping from overhead, we walked over to the heated pool and hot tub. The pool is in a completely different area than the water park . There were only a couple other people at the pool, so that was nice!

Because there weren’t many people and all our kids without floaties could touch in the deep end, it was an overall stress-free experience for me. And everyone had a blast swimming!

We did not do many of the scheduled activities at Jellystone. It was very crowded for Labor Day Weekend, so we mainly did things other people weren’t doing and avoided the crowds. When I saw tie-dye t-shirts on the schedule of activities, though, I knew we’d love it. We joined in and each made our own shirts.

This kind of thing is much more complicating with many kids than it is with a few. We were one of the firsts to arrive, and we were definitely the last to leave. A staff member told us we made the most shirts of any family that had ever been there before. Haha. I wasn’t surprised.

We had so much fun, and we loved how each unique shirt turned out in the end!

During the day Monday, it was hot outside. By late Monday evening, we were bundled up in jackets and hoodies. And it started snowing during the night!

It took all day for the snow to accumulate on the ground. Once there was quite a bit of snow, we bundled up the best us Texans know how and we went out to play.

The kids used sand toys to build snow castles. They tasted the snow. They soaked up the experience.

It never snows this much in Texas. Occasionally, not even once a year, snow will fall from the sky for maybe 30 minutes. Everyone, like every single Texan both young and old, rushes outside to see the snow. Everyone takes pictures and videos. If you are really, really lucky enough snow will accumulate on a surface where you can gather it and build a 5-inch tall snowman. Within minutes, the snow is gone and you have a new memory to last the next 1-5 years until the next snow. Haha. I am not exaggerating.

We thoroughly enjoyed our week at Jellystone – from swimming to snow!

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