Mining for gems – Asheville, NC…

We have been so excited to hang out with friends this week! We went to church with the Faulks in Texas, and then they moved to North Carolina.

We enjoyed dinner at their house earlier this week, and today they took us to Asheville’s Best Gem Mine to mine for gems.

Each of our kids were given cards to identify different kinds of gems.

The kids each got a bucket of dirt that they shoveled into sluice boxes. They moved the boxes back and forth in water filtering out the dirt. They were amazed at the gems they found.

Liberty found a geode, which looked like a big random rock. The man in charge cut open the geode, and it contained clear quartz crystals inside. We were awestruck by it.

I had never heard of mining for gems and had no knowledge about it prior to today, but it was so much fun! Our kids had a blast and came home with some really neat gems and great memories. We’d definitely do it again!

Thanks for such a fun day, John and Michelle!

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