Old Time Family Photos – Pigeon Forge, TN…

We really love the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area, and we have been enjoying our time here this week!

Our favorite vacation we took in the past was to Gatlinburg when we had 5 kids and I was pregnant with Mercy. One of the things we did on that trip was get an old time family photo taken.

We decided to get updated old time family photos done this week, and we had way too much fun dressing up and posing for these shots.

The girls loved dressing up as southern belles. Mercy keeps talking about how much she loves the princess dress she got to wear. Bravely wasn’t so sure about getting dressed up until she was given pearls. She kept saying, “pretty”, about her pearl necklace. And when we put a headband on her, she said, “Awwwww!”

The boys loved the guns, of coarse. They had a blast acting out different scenes the photographer suggested.

I wasn’t expecting individual photos of our children, but we absolutely love how cute these turned out and are so glad to have these.


Kidney stone update: Remember how the urologist left a string on my stent for me to pull out myself? Yeah…well, the string broke. 😳 I laughed so hard because, as inconvenient as it was, it was pretty funny. I, then, had to call around and find a urologist nearby who’d be willing to remove my stent for me. I ended up at a urologist in Knoxville, TN who agreed to remove my stent after getting an x-ray done. It is out now, and all is well!

4 thoughts on “Old Time Family Photos – Pigeon Forge, TN…”

  1. I absolutely am gaga over these pictures! . You need a whole album just for these! Love… love … love every one of them! You should use the family one for Christmas cards this year!

  2. It was wonderful to meet your beautiful family today on our hike! We hope you enjoy your journey together making wonderful memories. May God bless you all!
    Paul and Rachel Elsner

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