Snow Mountain – Stone Mountain, GA…

Yesterday we went to Snow Mountain at Stone Mountain Park.

Tickets are $35 per person, but we purchased tickets for half off on Groupon. Tickets include 2 hours of snow tubing and unlimited time playing in the snow zone.

I loved riding this huge family tube that holds 10 people. One, I love seeing my kids’ reactions. Two, you don’t have to carry these kind of tubes up the mountain. Carrying/pulling a double tube up the mountain for other tube runs was very exhausting.

We let Manning, Rhythm, Tapestry, Cherish and Liberty go together to different tube runs. Ryan and I took turns watching River and Bravely and taking Jubilee, Mercy and Treasure tubing. All our kids loved tubing and had an absolute blast.

After tubing for two hours, we played in the snow zone. It was more like ice than snow, but our kids had fun nonetheless.

It was cute watching Bravely walk in the snow holding our hands. Her little feet were slipping and sliding, which she loved.

It’s not easy to build a snowman out of ice, but after a lot of hard work, our kids completed a pretty big one.

I think going to Snow Mountain is worth the price at half off, but I would not pay full price for it. The tubing lines can get long, pulling the tubes uphill is very difficult and the snow isn’t really snow. All that said…we had a really good time, and I am glad we gave our kids their very first tubing experience!

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