We Bought an RV Park – Snook, TX…

After traveling around many of the United States staying in RV parks over the past couple years, we decided to buy an RV park!

We have searched for and pursued different investments over the past ten years. We have had some that have fallen through from reasons ranging from a seller passing away to not getting approved for a bank loan. All the stars aligned for this one. We did put in a lot of effort to get to this point, but things that we could not have made happen did as well. We are very thankful for family and friends who have supported and encouraged us, and we are thankful to God for bringing together what we could not have on our own. We closed on the park last month.

It is an already established park that has been shut down for about a year due to the previous owner no longer being able to run it. It was thriving prior to closing, so we are hopeful for a good future here as we prepare to reopen.

We are currently doing the kind of thing we love, renovating! We are remodeling two buildings on the property and building out one that started with just studs.

The first building will be the office, laundry and rec room. The middle building we are calling “Manager’s Quarters”, which means we’ll be using that for personal use. The last building will be men’s and women’s restrooms. We’ll have two toilet stalls and two shower stalls in each.

Look at this team of helpers we have! Our oldest five have asked us to put them to work, especially the boys. They have been genuinely so helpful, and they are racking in some money.

We are currently living in our RV on the property, and we plan to continue to do so for awhile. We are thrilled to have more space and to be able to spread out a bit more with having that middle building in addition to our RV. Our kids are really happy to settle for awhile, and they are very excited about this new adventure! We are about 30 minutes away from our old hometown, so our kids are happily back at music lessons with their old teachers.

We have the best big trees here! You can’t beat having good shade trees in Texas. Our kids are spending a lot of time outside enjoying the playground, rope swings and four square volleyball.

We took polls and had some family and friends vote on the name of our RV park. Unanimously, all voted for the name Rolling by the Dozen RV Park, so that is what we chose!

We have 50 full hook-up spaces. Over half are pull-throughs. Our park is big rig friendly. We’ll have 4 coin-operated washers and dryers. We are going to offer high speed WiFi. We have a playground and picnic tables in the shade. And we have a beautiful pond with a waterfall. It’s a spacious, pretty park about ten miles outside of College Station, TX.

We are working on our website and reservation system, along with finishing up renovations. We plan to open the park in about a month.

Thank you for coming along with us on our traveling journey, and now you can join us on this new adventure! If you RV, come visit us!

3 thoughts on “We Bought an RV Park – Snook, TX…”

  1. I’ve so loved following your adventures – your spirit and zest for living is wonderful. I will be watching for updates on your new park, even though we no longer RV. Thanks for sharing your journey!

  2. I too have enjoyed reading about your adventures. Next time we are in your area, we will definitely stop in and stay awhile! May God bless you abundantly in your endeavors.

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