Bear Country U.S.A. – Rapid City, SD…

Last Friday we went to Bear Country U.S.A. It was right next door to our RV park, so we had been admiring the baby bears from afar all week. It costs $18 per adult and $12 per kid ages 5-12. They either gave us a discount or had discounted prices due to COVID-19 because our whole family got in for $60.

The first part of Bear Country is a drive-through. We saw wolves, bighorn sheep, mountain lions and tons of bears.

I have never seen so many bears in one place. We were all going wild with excitement over the bears.

Driving around, we could see bears wandering all over, and some even came close to our van.

My favorites were the bears bathing.

After the drive-through, we parked the van. We walked around and saw some interesting animals. In some ways, it was better than a zoo. We were able to see animals up close and without a caged view.

We loved watching the young wolves play with each-other.

A highlight, at the end, was watching the baby cubs run around, wrestle and play. We counted at least seventeen cubs.

We waited around for awhile, hoping the cubs would climb the trees. We knew they did this because we’d seen them in trees when we drove past Bear Country several days before. We eventually decided to leave, and guess what we saw as we drove away? Those cubs were in the trees. Ha!

All of our family loved Bear Country U.S.A. It was one of the coolest drive-throughs we’ve done, and it definitely has more bears than we’ve ever seen anywhere. It was a great afternoon!

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