Badlands National Park – South Dakota…

Wednesday, we drove a little over an hour from Rapid City to Badlands National Park.

The visitor’s centers are closed because of COVID-19, but the park is open for driving and hiking.

We were stunned by the beautiful views as we drove through the Badlands.

When we go to a national park, we are typically looking for a good hike. This afternoon was hot and we were all a little more tired and sluggish, so we mainly drove and stopped at different viewpoints along the way. We did some walking, but no major hiking.

Driving along, there seemed to be endless amazing views.

We did see some wildlife – buffalo, bighorn sheep and prairie dogs.

Bravely is becoming quite the big girl. She still likes stroller rides, but more and more she’s asking to walk. She loves walking and running around, picking up sticks and rocks. We all think it’s adorable watching her explore.

We spent a few hours at Badlands National Park, and we easily could have stayed much longer. It exceeded anything we hoped it would be. It was another great day surrounded by gorgeous landscape!

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