Wall Drug Store – Wall, SD…

Living in an RV as a family of 12, we don’t do a lot of souvenir shopping. We do purchase postcards and Christmas ornaments most everywhere we go, but we do not buy much more.

Several people recommended we visit Wall Drug Store in the town of Wall, about an hour from our RV park. Tuesday, we decided to give it a try. Wall Drug Store is basically a very large souvenir shop with some unique and interesting finds. We thought the prices were good overall, so each of our kids purchased one or two things for themselves and some gifts for siblings and cousins. And I decided to do something I’ve never done – I purchased all 11 of our nieces and nephews Christmas gifts in June. Then I had to buy a storage container to put in the back of our van to haul the gifts around for the next several months. Haha.

After souvenir and gift shopping, we stopped in the fudge shop at Wall Drug and got several types of fudge to try. Debbie, working in the fudge shop, asked if we were Rolling by the Dozen. We told her that we were, and she let us know that she reads our blog. That was fun! We enjoyed meeting you, Debbie!

After selecting our fudge, we decided to do something we had not done since Manning’s birthday on March 18th…eat IN a restaurant.

We ate at the Wall Drug Cafe. A few people recommended we try buffalo while in South Dakota. Ryan and our boys got buffalo burgers, our girls got beef burgers and I stuck with a chicken sandwich. I did try a bite of buffalo, at least, and it tasted very similar to beef. Ryan, Manning and Rhythm loved the buffalo.

We really enjoyed our outing to Wall Drug, as we’ve mostly stuck with and will continue to mostly do outdoor activities during this season of COVID-19.

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  1. How awesome that you met a follower!!

    Just wondering if you are coming to Washington. We live on the Long Beach Peninsula in Ocean Park. We are fulltime RVers and have a nice piece of paradise here with full hookups. We can accommodate other RVs with a separate 30 amp service and water hookup. And the use of our sewer for dumping. We would welcome your visit!

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