Celebrating in California…

Yesterday we made it to California. California is big and has so many great places to visit. We plan to be here for awhile.

We’ll still move from place to place within California. There is just a lot we want to see and do here. I’m loving all the palm trees!

Today was all about celebrating this guy! It’s his birthday.

We went to a rock climbing gym and had a blast. Except Bravely, we all climbed.

Ryan is a really fun, adventurous husband and daddy. He likes to overcome challenges and tackle obstacles. This was the perfect place to celebrate him.

Mercy (age 5) and Treasure (age 4) amazed us as they climbed high with little to no fear.

All of our children really like trying new things. Most of the time each will push past any fear or hesitation and give something a try.

I was really excited to be able to climb. Repeated pregnancies have limited my activity over the past 13 years. When I get the opportunity to do something like this, I go for it. Even if it’s harder than it would have been before birthing 9 babies. And it was definitely harder. Ha.

Climbing high. Living life passionately, to the full. Pouring all he’s got into his family. That’s Ryan.

I am so happy we are his and he is ours!

We ended the day trying In-N-Out Burger, Ryan’s choice. The burgers were really good, the fries looked just like Texas fries but somehow tasted so different – not as good to us. Ryan loves ice cream, I mean, really loves it. Chocolate shakes were the grande finale, leaving a big smile on Ryan’s face.

Tomorrow we will celebrate again. Cherish turns 10!

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  1. Farrells ice cream in Riverside California has awesome/ unbelievable ice cream treats. Check it out if get by it.

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