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I’m Kristin. My husband is Ryan. We’ve been married for 13 years. We have 10 children. Our sons, both age 11, are Manning and Rhythm. We adopted Rhythm from China 2 1/2 years ago. Our daughters are Tapestry (age 10), Cherish (age 9), Liberty (age 7), Jubilee (age 6), Mercy (age 5), Treasure (age 3), River (age 2) and Bravely (8 months).

We love adventure and the unknown possibilities of the future. We live in a constant state of transition and change. Rather than look for normalcy in a way that many seem to crave, we embrace this transitional life as our normal. Whether it’s pregnancy, having a new baby, adopting, moving to a new house, traveling or dealing with unexpected and sometimes unwanted issues, we cling to Jesus as our never-changing security. Though we aren’t opposed to and do not judge societal norms, we feel such freedom to venture out of those and to live a life of bold adventure.

If you step into our living room, you’ll find joy and sadness, bickering and forgiving, good moods and cranky moods, laughter and tears all wrapped in a big bundle of peace and love.

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  1. So excited to follow along on your families adventures. Our kids are grown, but hopefully in a few years my husband and I can become full timers. We still have a few years to work so we have our travel trailer parked on a piece of property that we purchased. As of now, we go on weekends so we are learning the ins and outs of making the best use of our space etc! I’m sure your gang will have a great time! Great to “meet” you guys!

  2. So nice to meet your family via your blog! We live in South Carolina, semi retired and love our travel in the 5th wheel camper. We have tossed around going full time…?! Our daughters both are married to ministers and each have 2 sons..for a total of 4 grandsons for us! We look forward to reading about you all and learning from you! Best Wishes! Lisa

  3. Your family is beautiful thank you for sharing it with us! My children are all grown so I am looking forward to reading your adventures!


  4. I ABSOLUTELY love your children’s names!! They are all so beautiful, and have neat meanings. I’m excited to follow you all along on your travels. Hubby and I are fulltimers. We are currently stationary at our daughters helping out with the grands. So right now I have to travel thru you all! God bless!!

  5. We are what you call snowbirds and have seen families living in an Rv and homeschooling their children. I am amazed at these families, some work from home and others a spouse works outside the home. It takes special parents to have such well adjusted, mannerly, socialized children in this atmosphere. They become very worldly because the parents are very involved in their lives which in today’s world is a blessing. I wish the best for you and your family.

  6. Thanks for having us along on your journey! Look forward to seeing and hearing more! We have a seasonal site 2 hours north of NYC!!!! If you ever get this way….please come visit!

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