Lassen Volcanic National Park – California…

Friday we visited Lassen Volcanic National Park.

It was about an hour drive from our RV park in Red Bluff to the national park’s visitor center. The drive was a nice an easy one in comparison to the last few parks we’ve visited.

We had heard about the bubbling mudpots, so that is what we were most exited to see.

And…the boiling mudpots did not disappoint. They were amazing to see!

Lassen Volcanic is a really beautiful and unique park. There are tons of pine trees, which gave us a taste of home – Texas.

There are gorgeous lakes and fun hiking trails scattered throughout the park.

We even saw some snow on the ground from last winter. Our kids were so excited.

We read and learned about a volcanic eruption that happened in the early 1900’s, and we got to see many rocks that were thrown from the center of the volcano and scattered throughout the park.

We hiked a few trails. They were all different. One had loads of lava rocks scattered about, one was through a wooded area surrounded by trees and the other was around a lake.

There were not many tourists. The park was easy to navigate, and it’s just about a 30 minute drive to cross the whole park.

We all really enjoyed Lassen Volcanic!

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