White Sands National Monument – New Mexico…

Friday we went to the White Sands National Monument.

It’s operated similar to a national park. We were able to get in free with Cherish’s 4th grade pass.

We stayed at Alamogordo/White Sands KOA RV Park. The park was so accommodating. They let us borrow 7 sleds and some wax. We were so thankful we didn’t have to buy and store our own sleds!

There are tons of sand dunes. The sand is so white it looks like snow. It’s beautiful.

Sledding is so much fun! We sincerely had such a blast!

We tried sledding different dunes and quickly realized the steeper the better when it comes to sledding.

We would not have known to use wax had we not been told. Waxing definitely helps the sleds move faster and further.

Even River and Bravely enjoyed sledding on our laps. And Bravely loved crawling and playing in the sand.

It was a gorgeous day. We started off wearing jackets and ultimately ended up very comfortable in short sleeves.

If you ever get the chance, the white sand dunes are worth seeing and sledding!

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  1. Great Pics and video!! Ya’ll look like Colorful Turtles going down the hills. Many Priceless memories ya’ll are making in your Travel adventures! Thanks for Sharing them with us!! 😊❤️

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