River Walk – Idaho Falls, Idaho…

A couple evenings while we were in Idaho Falls, we walked around the River Walk.

The Idaho Falls River Walk covers 5 miles on both sides of Snake River. There are sculptures, benches, a wide walking path and great views of the waterfall and the river.

We enjoyed walking around, hearing the sound of the falls and seeing the views.

Our little girls wanted pictures taken with every sculpture they saw and on every bench they saw. Haha. I mostly complied.

There were bikers, skaters, skate-boarders, walkers and people on scooters. It is definitely a happening place, but it is peaceful at the same time.

Watching the reflection of street life on the river as the sun went down was fascinating.

Our kids sang songs, chased each other, piggy-backed each other and chased shadows.

There’s always something unique to do or see everywhere we go. There are so many beautiful places scattered throughout the United States. Idaho Falls River Walk was another gem we got to experience along our traveling journey.

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