Marina Dunes Beach – California…

We knew we wanted to visit Monterey during our time in California. As we searched for an RV park, we found Monterey to be a little more expensive than we were willing to pay. We found a less pricey, but still expensive spot near Monterey at Marina Dunes RV Resort.

It ended up being a really great place to stay. There was access to the beach, a 500 yard walk, from our RV park.

There were only a couple other people on the beach at any given time. It felt so nice and private. And it was gorgeous.

It was a little chilly, but that didn’t stop our kids from wanting to put on their swimsuits to play.

They rolled in the dirt, buried themselves, built sandcastles, dug holes, found tons of crabs and waded in the water as waves crashed around them.

River is not a big fan of the beach yet. She cried and asked pretty often to go back to the RV. The waves freak her out and she doesn’t care much for getting dirty. Bravely loved watching the other kids play and she enjoyed playing with the sand. She was very dainty in the way she handled the sand.

The ocean was wild. The waves were big and unpredictable. Suddenly water would come way further up than it had before. It was exciting and beautiful.

We all soaked up as much time as we could on the beach…until we felt we should give little River some relief and take her back home.

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