A miniature Thanksgiving…

We are in Arizona now. It is COLD and we are caught in a winter storm. We originally planned to have our Thanksgiving feast outdoors, but we came up with Plan B when we realized we were in for cold, rain, sleet and possibly snow.

We brought our small picnic table inside so that we’d have enough seating for us all in the RV. We covered both tables with bulletin board paper. Our kids wrote things they were thankful for and drew pictures all over the tables all day long. They loved this so much that all but two of our kids named it as the favorite part of their day.

Ryan and I used our RV oven for the first time. We also brought in our extra microwave from our outdoor kitchen. We tripped the breaker having our big skillet and outdoor microwave plugged into the same outlet. We realized we had no pans, parchment paper or olive oil, but a couple trips to Safeway saved the meal.

Manning had the idea to do a miniature themed Thanksgiving meal since we are living in a miniature home. We all loved the idea, so that’s what we did.

We had Brussels sprouts, miniature hot dogs, tacos, pizza rolls, quiche and wings.

The kids loved the food, and so did the parents. Ha. It was good…and fun.

For dessert we had peppermint bark, cheese cake bites, cream puffs and macaroons.

We spent the afternoon playing games and decorating the RV for Christmas.

After a dinner of leftovers, meat and cheese, the kids listened to an audio book and then headed to bed. The winds started gusting as it had a couple nights before. It got stronger and stronger…27 mph with gusts up to 45 mph. It was loud and rattling our RV. The kids were a little nervous and couldn’t sleep. Since we are staying at an RV Park/hotel combo, we decided to go hang out in the hotel lobby and play games.

So, here we are. Almost 1AM. The wind is lessening and should die down soon. Then we will go get a good night of sleep and ideally sleep in until at least 9AM.

We sure are thankful for our family and friends, our journey of traveling the US in our home on wheels and our God who loves us and you through and through!

If this holiday is happy for you or if it’s hard, you are known, seen, cared about and loved. ❤️

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