Garden of the Gods – Colorado Springs, Colorado…

Ryan could not have chosen a better birthday gift for me than this gift of having family photos taken at Garden of the Gods.

Garden of the Gods Park is known for its amazing 300-foot towering sandstone rock formations standing against a backdrop of mountains, including Pikes Peak.

Ryan told me about this gift about a week before my birthday, so I jumped online and ordered coordinating outfits right away. It felt like a true miracle everything fit and coordinated so well. I think the buffalo plaid is fun, and it’s something different than I’d normally choose. Coordinating a family of twelve is no easy feat! Haha.

Melissa did our photo session. She was great to work with, and she quickly and thoroughly captured our family well! I love that she chose to do photos of our family, our kids, the boys, the girls and individual photos of each of our kids.

Manning (13)
Rhythm (13)
Tapestry (12)
Cherish (10)
Liberty (9)
Jubilee (8)
Mercy (6)
Treasure (5)
River (3)
Bravely (2)

Our kids really enjoyed the photo session, which made it overall relaxed and fun.

It definitely helped that our kids have become used to quickly posing for our traveling photos.

Bravely was really cute and funny. There were times that it was difficult to get her to look and put her hands down – just a typical toddler. Ha! I was thrilled with how she did end up looking and smiling. And in one of my favorite photos, she has her hands up in the cutest way.

After we finished our photo session, we drove around the park and stopped to see some of the many incredible views.

Garden of the Gods is stunning, definitely a place I recommend visiting!

I feel like these photos capture and represent our season of travel so well, and I’m really thankful for this gift!

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  1. I really enjoyed meeting you in Santa Fe, albeit for a brief moment. Wish I had known you were here – I have SO MANY questions about how your lifestyle works. Safe travels. Maybe we’ll see each other again.

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