Denver Selfie Museum – Denver, Colorado…

Last Tuesday was my birthday. I woke up to lots of kids coming into our room giving me hugs and wishing me a happy birthday. Even Bravely copied her older siblings and said, “Happy birthday, Mommy!” There’s not a much better way to start a day.

I really like my Lara Bars I eat most everyday for breakfast, so I bought our kids special muffins and I had my Lara Bar with a candle. Haha. Our kids made me the sweetest homemade cards and bought me really thoughtful gifts – including a cute tin colorblock coffee mug, Diet Dr. Pepper (I only allow myself one for a special treat on occasion) and a phone holder for the van. Ryan gave me the amazing gift of a professional photo session at Garden of the Gods, which we did the next day. Thank goodness he knows me well enough to have told me a week in advance so that I could plan cute coordinating outfits.

We drove from Colorado Springs to Denver for lunch. We ate at Torchy’s Tacos, which we had not had in over a year. I absolutely love their green chili pulled pork tacos.

After lunch, we headed to such a fun place…the Denver Selfie Museum!

Close family and friends know that we love being silly and laughing. This was the perfect kind of entertainment for our family.

We roamed from photo set to photo set. Tapestry took Ryan’s phone so she could take photos as well.

We created all sorts of goofy poses and snapped away.

We had way too much fun, laughed way too hard and took way too many pictures!

I love taking photos. I love art and creativity. I love laughing. And I love being with my family.

I could not have picked a more fun way to celebrate my birthday!

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