The Museum of Making Music – Carlsbad, CA…

On Tuesday we visited the Museum of Making Music. It’s around a 35 minute drive from San Diego. The ticket prices aren’t too pricey, and the museum does offer free entrance to children under age 12 the whole month of October. It cost $20 for our family of twelve.

It’s a small museum. We walked through and got to see instruments and listen to music from different eras.

As a family who loves music, we really enjoyed the museum. If you don’t love music or play an instrument, I think you could feel the museum is too small and not very interesting. If you love music, it’s worth your money and time.

Most of the older instruments were display only. Those were very neat to see.

Other instruments were available to play.

The last room in the museum is full of instruments, both unique and ordinary, that can be tested and played.

We spent a lot of time in this room, each rotating through different instruments.

There is also a side synthesizing room that was interesting to explore.

This was a great, low cost activity that was right up our alley.

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