Treasure’s 6th Birthday – Bryan, Texas…

Treasure turned 6 years old today, and we had a great day of celebrating!

Treasure started the morning going with her daddy to pick up donuts.

She selected a donut with chocolate icing and coconut and a donut with blue icing for herself.

We sang happy birthday to Treasure, and then everyone enjoyed donuts. We accidentally used trick candles. I don’t think Treasure was very impressed. That’s not the first time we forgot about the trick candles. I just officially added 6 kinds of non-trick birthday candles to my Walmart cart. Ha!

After breakfast, Treasure excitedly opened gifts. She got a slew of fun things from her mom, dad, brothers and sisters. A tiny basketball, clip on earrings, a larger personalized blanket and crafts were some of her presents.

Treasure spent the rest of the morning crafting with her sisters.

We let Treasure pick anything in the RV that she wanted for lunch. I kid you not, she really wanted some of Bravely’s baby food pouches and a breakfast bar. We made it happen. Haha!

After lunch, we each read Treasure what we had written her in her journal. She smiled and giggled about what each of us had to say.

Then, we headed to the Children’s Museum of the Brazos Valley. Treasure and all her siblings had a blast playing and exploring. Even our older kids found some fun things to do.

After the museum, we went to Treasure’s choice of Mod Pizza for an early dinner. Treasure ordered a pizza with cheese and sausage, a no name cake and a soda.

When we got back to the RV, Treasure got to ride her brother’s electric scooter all evening. She thought that was a real treat!

Then, we ended the day with Treasure in our bed eating popcorn and chocolate and watching Paw Patrol.

It was a great day! I think Treasure felt special and loved, and she got to do what she loves most…have lots of FUN!

Baby Treasure

Happy 6th birthday, Treasure Bliss! 💖

Girl, you sparkle and shine! You make everything fun. You are a very determined little girl, and as a determined woman myself, I see that as a good thing. You can and do accomplish anything you set your mind to. You never see yourself as too young or too little. You can climb any tree, scale any wall and learn any skill. You are fearless and brave to the core. I think I tell you to be careful more than I do any of my other kids, but I also let you do things I would not have let your older siblings do at your age. You prove you are capable of so much. You play hard from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed. I have to scoop you up and convince you to sit in my lap for just a minute or two. You like to be hugged, but you are too busy to sit for long. You are fun-loving and caring. You are a joy to parent. I hope you know how very much your mommy loves you, and how happy I am with who you are! I love you so much little fierce and spunky one! 🔥

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