Liberty Turns Double Digits – Dallas, Texas…

Five days after Manning’s birthday, we celebrated Liberty’s 10th birthday!

To start the day, Liberty went with her daddy to pick donuts. She chose an apple fritter and a chocolate coconut donut for herself, and she brought a slew of other options for her brothers and sisters.

We sang “Happy Birthday” and enjoyed the donuts. Then Liberty opened gifts from all of us. Also, we went around and told her what we like about her.

One of the gifts Liberty got was a Pom Pom Making Kit. She and some of her siblings spent most of the morning making cute pom poms.

Then, we loaded up and headed to Chick-fil-A for lunch – Liberty’s choice. She enjoyed nuggets, fries, a brownie and root beer.

After lunch, we went to Target. Just Liberty and I went in the store. She wanted to shop for a cute skirt or dress. It took awhile looking around before she found the perfect thing. She knew this dress was the one once she saw it.

After shopping, we enjoyed an afternoon of jumping at Urban Air. Our whole family had a blast there!

Then we headed back to our RV park and ate an easy dinner. We had a foosball competition that Liberty’s team won. And we ended the night by reading Liberty what each of us had written to her in her journal.

Liberty had a great birthday, and we loved celebrating it with her!

Little Liberty

Happy 10th birthday, Liberty Pearl! 💖 You are my cute, sweet, fun girly girl. You like all things girly and fancy. You are very disciplined and devoted. If you commit to something, you do it. Your funny side has emerged. You have a way of doing and saying things that causes me to laugh so hard I cry. I love hearing you sing. You are a great artist. You draw some really amazing pictures. You are a fun story-teller. You love, love, love to watch and caretake Bravely. I think you are foregoing your own fun by taking her to a playground, but you have convinced me that IS what is fun for you. You are a great little sister and big sister. You easily bounce back and forth playing with younger and older siblings. You have always acted very mature for your age. It’s easy to believe you are 10 because you act even older. You very much want to make sure people are ok with you, and you are quick to make things right if you hurt anyone. Most nights you tell me, “Best mommy ever!” And I respond, “Best Liberty ever!” You really are a jewel and pearl to our family. You add sparkle, pizzaz and shine to life! I love you so very much, and I absolutely love being your mom! 💗

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