Celebrating Jubilee’s 9th Birthday – Athens, TX…

Yesterday, Jubilee turned 9 years old!

Jubilee and her daddy got up extra early and went to pick up donuts. When they returned, Jubilee showed her brothers and sisters all the great options she chose.

We sang happy birthday, and Jubilee blew out all 9 candles with one breath. Then, the donuts were devoured.

After breakfast, everyone got dressed and Jubilee opened gifts. She was especially excited to receive a hammock and a cute miniature purse.

Ryan has been going through an RV tech and inspector school. He stayed in Athens for class while the kids and I made a 3 hour drive to our old hometown.

A friend from church passed away from Covid last week, and we wanted to be there for the funeral. We enjoyed seeing a lot of friends, but of course, it was under sad circumstances.

I told Jubilee we’d celebrate her birthday for 2 days when we found out the funeral was on her birthday. She was especially excited when I told her we’d stop to get her a convenience store snack on the way home from the funeral. We rarely do this as a big family, so Jubilee thought this was the best thing ever. Haha. She chose peanut butter pretzels, skittles and gum.

We made the 3 hour drive back to Athens, ate dinner and ended the day reading Jubilee what each of us had written in her journal.

Today, we drove about an hour to Plano. We ate lunch at Jubilee’s choice of Chick-fil-A.

Jubilee got nuggets, fries, root beer and an ice-cream cone.

After lunch, we headed to the mall to get Jubilee’s ears pierced. We let each of our girls get their ears pierced when they turn 9. Jubilee could hardly wait to get hers done! She chose sparkly pink heart studs, and she hardly flinched during the piercing.

Then, we walked over to the Crayola Experience – also at the mall.

It was really a lot of fun. The kids were able to create their own Crayola wrappers. They took selfies with each other, and those were turned into coloring pages. They melted crayons into race cars and emojis. From our oldest to our youngest, each of our kids really enjoyed this!

Jubilee had such a great couple days. She felt special, and she had a lot of fun!

Little Jubilee

Happy 9th birthday, Jubilee Hope! 💗 You are sweet-spirited, empathetic and caring. You really love people and you are good at showing all that love. You are also hilarious. You spontaneously do the most funny things, causing everyone around you to erupt in laughter. You almost always have a song in your head and heart that is flowing out of your mouth. From funny songs to meaningful songs, you easily create great lyrics on the spot. You love listening to music and singing. You enjoy painting and creating. You are very neat and organized. You like to know what time things start and how long it will take to get somewhere. You ask for and seem to enjoy chores, and you do an amazing job at any task given to you. You befriend others easily and often. You are a friend to any and all. You almost always seem happy and like you just really enjoy life. I love when you randomly come up to me and say, “Mommy, let me give you a hug.” You add sparkle, sunshine and lots of happiness to our family and to others. You are unique, one-of-a-kind and oh so fun. I love you very, very much, Jubi, and I am so very happy I get to be your mommy! 💖

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