River Turns 5 – Snook, TX…

Yesterday, our second to youngest, River, turned five years old!

She woke up to birthday banners Tapestry, Cherish and Liberty made for her. She got dressed up in a cute dress because she is a girly girl who loves her dresses. Then, she went with her daddy to choose donuts from a new donut shop.

These were some special and different donuts that included toppings like Oreo crumbs, Fruity Pebbles and bacon.

We sang “Happy Birthday” to River. She had the biggest smile on her face as she worked hard to blow out those five candles.

Then, each kid chose two donuts and enjoyed every bite.

River opened gifts after breakfast. Her very favorite gift was clip on earrings from Mercy. We got her a Yoto Player, which was something new we had never seen. All the kids thought it was pretty amazing. It has little cards that you insert to play songs or stories.

After opening presents, Manning read River her new book. And then, she spent the rest of the morning enjoying her new gifts.

We went to Freebirds, River’s request, for a late lunch. River ate chips, a burrito and a cookie.

Then, we headed over to spend the rest of the afternoon at the children’s museum in College Station. River had a great time, along with all her brothers and sisters, there.

When we returned to the RV, we ate dinner and read River what each of us had written to her in her journal. Then, we ended the night with River in our bed eating popcorn and chocolate and watching Peppa Pig online.

River had an all around great day, and we loved celebrating our 5-year-old girl!

Baby River

Happy 5th birthday, River Grace! 💕 You are the cutest and sweetest little girl! You are happy most of the time. You ask for what you want. You don’t hold back how you feel. You have a quiet but strong voice. You are small but mighty. You rarely take things personal or get offended. You hold your own. You give and share sweetly. You, also, like to receive. You want all things to be equal and fair. You ask a lot of questions. You want to know what we are doing and especially why we are doing it. You are a good back seat driver, often letting your daddy know when he should stop, go or turn. 😉 You love fashion and all things girly-girl. You like to build with LEGO’s, draw, color, play games and put on acts with stuffed animals. You and Treasure are little besties – quite the dynamic duo! You ask for me to kiss your neck often. You are so ticklish that it causes you to erupt in laughter. Your giggles are the cutest. When I feel someone behind me ticking me, it’s almost always you I find when I turn around. You are an adorable and precious daughter, River G! I absolutely love getting to be your mommy, and I love you very, very much! 💗

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