A quick pass through Texas…

A couple weeks ago, we traveled from New Mexico through Texas. We made a much needed trip to our storage unit. We left some stuff there and picked up other stuff we needed. Then, we headed to Lolli and Pop’s.

We had all our homeschool curriculum sent to my parents’ house. Our kids were so excited to look through their new curriculum and books. We are starting school a little later than normal this year, but that it the beauty of homeschool – flexibility in scheduling.

We were all very happy to see Lolli & Pop, my sister and her family! We celebrated a slew of birthdays.

Lolli and Pop gave Rhythm a violin for his 13th birthday. Rhythm is so excited, as he has been wanting to learn to play the violin.

Our kids have so much fun with their cousins. They play, play and play nonstop when they are together.

We decided to stay at my parents’ a little longer than we’d originally planned so that Ryan could do the plumbing for their new pool. Ryan is a master plumber and has done plumbing for years, though this was his first time plumbing pool equipment.

It was both terrifying and awesome watching a fiberglass pool being lowered into a hole in the ground. This was great, real-life homeschool!

My dad oversaw the whole project and enjoyed doing most of the digging and tractor work. I was happy to see him so energetic and doing so well after overcoming many health issues in the past several years.

Lolli made us her famous gumbo, which is a favorite for most all of us. And Mercy and Treasure got to help bake cookies, which they loved. Our little girls soaked up as much Lolli lap time as they could, and all our kids enjoyed watching Peppa Pig with Pop each evening.

We love visiting my parents, and we were happy to get some time with them. We will be so ready to see all our other family and friends when we are back in December!

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