A COVID test in Hot Springs, Arkansas…

When we left my parents’ house in Texas, we headed to Hot Springs, AR. I remember visiting Hot Springs as a child with my family. It is such a pretty and neat place!

A couple days before we left Texas, I got a horrible sore throat and bad congestion. Mercy was congested as well, and she had a fever. We were specifically careful about not being around many people prior to visiting my parents because I did not want to pick up COVID germs and spread them to my parents. I was happy to get out of their house in case we had COVID.

The morning after arriving in Arkansas, I went to an urgent care clinic and got tested for COVID. Thankfully, the doctor prescribed me a z pack in case I had a sinus infection. I’d heard getting tested for COVID is awful. It wasn’t bad at all for me, just slightly uncomfortable.

We just hung around our RV for a couple days until I got my test results. We went for walks around our beautiful RV park, Catherine’s Landing, and avoided contact with other people.

I was thrilled when I got a call from a nurse two days after being tested letting me know that my results came back negative. I still felt crummy, but I didn’t have to worry near as much about passing it along to others. And I didn’t have to worry about the germs I left for my parents. Of course, the bad cold did start spreading through most of our big family.

So, rather than doing much in Hot Springs, we mainly relaxed at or around the RV.

Our kids enjoyed riding scooters and ripstiks. It was the perfect park with perfect weather for riding. Jubilee taught herself to ride a ripstik, and she was pretty excited to show off her new skill.

One afternoon we drove around Hot Springs to see the beauty of the area, and we stopped to soak in some great views.

Even though we were sick and didn’t do much, we still really enjoyed our time in Hot Springs!

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