Double birthdays…

Yesterday we celebrated Ryan’s birthday and today we celebrated Cherish’s birthday!

Ryan was so excited when he thought about getting those tiny convenience store donuts for his birthday, so that’s what we got. Ha! We had those for breakfast. We gave him cards and gifts. Then, we drove a couple hours away to look at an RV we’ve been eyeing online for a couple months. It’s a 5th wheel toy hauler with two bathrooms. We loved it and are hoping to upgrade to the extra space once we sell our current RV, which we listed for sale today. We have absolutely loved our RV and think it suited us perfectly for our first year on the road! We are looking forward to turning a toy hauler garage into the ultimate bunk room for our 8 girls now, though! After looking at the RV, we ate at Buffalo Wild Wings. And Ryan rounded out the night with ice cream.

Today, we started the day off celebrating Cherish’s 11th birthday with her request of a poptart stack.

Cherish opened gifts, and she was especially excited to receive an MP3 player.

I asked her if she wanted to go anywhere for her birthday or to just hang around the RV. She preferred to stay at the RV. We go so much with traveling that sometimes it’s special just to be at home!

Cherish listened to lots of music, she did art hub and played gaga ball with her siblings.

This evening we went to Panera Bread for dinner. We used to eat at Panera Bread pretty often, but the more kids we had, the more expensive it got and the harder it got to find seating. We had not been in over a year, so Cherish was really craving their creamy tomato soup. She enjoyed it and we all enjoyed it! We ended the day with reading her what each of us wrote in her journal.

Happy 11th birthday, Cherish! 💕

Cherish, you are a bright light to our family and in this world. You carry compassion, empathy and love everywhere you go. You are gentle, loving and kind, but also, spunky, funny and fun. Those make for a great combination! I love your laugh and smile. You are such a good friend to each of your siblings. People come to you to talk about their problems or worries. You are there to listen and care. You are a natural musician. I love hearing you on the keyboard. You are a good game player and athlete. You are great with fashion and styling. All the girls come to you to do their hair. Over the years, you’ve become the family hairstylist. I love having conversations with you, playing games with you and giving you big ‘ole cuddly hugs. You are a beautiful and precious daughter. I am so glad you are my girl! I love you so very much! 💖

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