Celebrating River’s 4th birthday…

Today is River’s 4th birthday!

We started the morning with our typical birthday traditions.

River went with her daddy to select donuts. We made her a donut stack with 4 candles on top, sung to her and she blew out her candles.

River enjoyed her white donut with coconut shreds, which she called sparkles, and her pink donut with sprinkles.

After breakfast, River opened gifts and spent the rest of the morning playing with new toys.

When I asked River what she wanted to do for her birthday, she said she wanted to get donuts and Chick-fil-A and to wear a fancy dress. So that’s just what she did. Cherish even made River a pretty bracelet with her name, and Mercy let her borrow some clip-on earrings.

River enjoyed nuggets and fries with a special drink for dinner. Then we went for a walk and took turns telling River things we like about her. When we returned to the RV, we read River what we’d written her in her journal.

We ended the day with River in our bed eating a chocolate chip cookie and watching Peppa Pig.

River said she had a great day and that she especially loved the donuts and presents.

Happy 4th birthday, River Grace! 💕

River, you have the sweetest smile and a precious personality. And, I love the cute little freckles on your cheeks. You are mostly quiet in public, but we get to experience your joy and giggles. You love doing funny things and when others do something funny. You erupt in laughter often. You are best buds with both Treasure and Bravely. You flip flop back and forth playing with each. You like cuddling on Mommy or Daddy’s lap. You enjoy building LEGO towers and houses. You’ve been liking to color and draw pictures lately. You love music and singing. You often ask me to play certain songs for you and to turn up the volume. One of your favorite things to do is to play card or board games. No one should underestimate you at your age because you can stomp an adult in a game of Battle. You do not like physical pain. It seems to scare you and easily sends you into a bout of breath-holding, sometimes to the point of passing out. When you get hurt, one will hear me close-by saying, “Breathe! Breathe, River!” Thankfully, most of the time now, you do take a breath and avoid fainting. At night, you love climbing into bed with me and Bravely. We sing a slew of fun songs with hand motions. It brings a big smile to your face and lots of giggles. I adore you, River, and I am so very happy I get to be your mommy. You are a special little girl. I love you so very much! 💗

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