I can’t believe my baby is two…

Bravely turned two years old today! We have always had another baby before our toddler turned two, so we are stepping into new territory. Our BABY is two, and yes, I still call her my baby. 😊

This morning Bravely woke up in the bed right between her mommy and daddy. She does sleep at least some of the night in her own bed, but she does love being in our bed. Ryan and I sang her Happy Birthday as soon as she opened her eyes. Then she had quite the slew of sibling birthday wishes. She gave a look like, “Seriously people? I just woke up! Give me a few minutes.” Haha.

Once Bravely got out of bed, she went with her daddy to choose donuts from a local donut shop. She pointed out donuts she wanted.

When they returned to the RV, we added candles to her top two choices and sang Happy Birthday. Bravely loved being sung to, and she especially loved blowing out her candles.

And, of course, she and all her brothers and sisters loved eating the donuts.

After breakfast, Bravely opened gifts and we read her what we’d each written in her journal.

She was so adorable opening her gifts. She got excited about each one. She thanked us at least three times for the little purple sippy cup from Bear Country U.S.A. I am pretty sure that was her favorite gift. We all loved her reaction to the remote control car we got her. She had us laughing hard.

Bravely spent the rest of the morning playing with her new toys. Then, we picked up QDOBA for lunch. Bravely got one of her current favorites, rice and beans.

Bravely took a good nap this afternoon in her favorite place – her momma’s arms.

This evening we walked to a playground nearby. Bravely had a blast swinging, climbing and sliding. She really thinks she’s a big girl now!

To end the day, Bravely got to eat a snack and drink milk out of her new cup in Mommy and Daddy’s bed. She had a great day, and I suspect she’ll sleep in tomorrow morning.

Happy 2nd birthday, Bravely Love! 💗

You are the absolute cutest, sweetest little girl! You are a bright light in our family, and you bring lots of smiles and laughter to all of us everyday. You are a busy girl – walking, running, talking, laughing and playing. But you often stop and take time for cuddles. You adore your mommy. You like snuggling with me and rubbing my arms. You say, “I want you arms.” You love to play LEGOs and link together spokes that you call snakes. You love walking around outside collecting sticks and rocks. You love singing. Jesus Loves You and Baby Shark are your favorites. You talk a ton. We call you our baby genius because you know way too many words and say way too many sentences in correct context for your age. It’s adorable! A couple of my favorite things you say are, “I love it” when you really like something and “I need Momma” or “I want a Momma” when you want me to hold you. You are an adventurer. You’ve ridden rides, explored caves, gone on hikes and traveled all over the United States at your young age. Your little glasses combined with your laugh and smile melt our hearts and the hearts of other people everywhere we go. You are such a sweet, adorable, lovable little girl. I love every moment of everyday I get to spend with you. You are momma’s girl, and I soak that up! I love you so very much, my little Bravely Love! 💕

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