Roughlock Falls – Spearfish Canyon, SD…

On our last day in South Dakota, we drove about 60 miles from our RV park in Rapid City to Spearfish Canyon.

Spearfish Canyon is a gorgeous area located in the northern Black Hills. There are waterfalls, hiking trails and views for miles.

We drove through Spearfish Canyon, and we ended up stopping to hike the Roughlock Falls Trail. It was definitely a great decision!

The trail is 2 miles round trip. It’s overall an easy hike. And the weather was perfect – overcast and cool.

Some of our kids really wanted to pan for gold. We stopped at a stream and let them go for it.

No gold was found, but they had fun panning anyway.

The only thing we wished we would have done that we didn’t was wear River and Bravely in carriers on our backs. River got a blister on her foot and needed to be held most of the way.

And Bravely wanted to walk a lot, which substantially slows us down, or she wanted to be held by only her mommy. Ryan and I were sore by the end of that hike! Ha.

The trail is not stroller friendly.

When we got to the waterfall, Roughlock Falls, we were completely amazed. It is one of the prettiest waterfalls we’ve seen yet.

I told Ryan that if we lived in that area, I’d walk that alone as often as possible. It is so peaceful and beautiful!

Going to Spearfish Canyon, hiking and seeing Roughlock Falls was the perfect ending to our amazing time in South Dakota.

South Dakota won our hearts. I foresee future trips back for sure!

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