Black Hills Caverns – Rapid City, SD…

Tuesday we met up with the Techau family at Black Hills Caverns. We first met the Techau family in Santa Fe, NM just as we started traveling full-time in October. They travel full-time as well. We ended up in Stone Mountain, GA at the same time in February, so we all rode the tram up Stone Mountain together. We coincidentally were in Rapid City at the same time, and will be in two places in Montana on the same dates as well!

Our kids love meeting up with their kids, Jeremiah and Addy. It’s fun to make friends and have friends on the road, as we do miss friends back home.

Black Hills Caverns is unique in that it is less touristy and feels more like you are exploring a cave than walking through one. There is an easy walk path, but we did have to duck down to get through certain areas. Our kids thought that was really cool.

Ryan really had to duck. With 3-year-old River on his back, it was quite the work-out.

The cost of admission to Black Hills Caverns is $16.95 for adults, $10.95 for kids ages 6-12 and free to kids ages 5 and under. There are coupons for discounts available.

This is the first cave we have toured with an actual tour guide. Our guide was fun, and it was great to hear all about different parts of the cave as we walked along.

The temperature in the cave was nice and cool.

It took a little over an hour for the whole tour.

Before and after our kids enjoyed digging in dirt for different rocks and gems.

We have found that we really enjoy exploring caverns, and Black Hills Caverns is another great experience to add to our list!

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