A week in Rock Springs, Wyoming…

Last week we stayed at the KOA in Rock Springs, Wyoming.

We loved the mountain views!

And our kids were excited about the amenities.

They spent tons of time playing on the playground and jumping on the jump pad.

There was even a Stegent-size chair at our RV park! Haha.

We were happy to have easy access to hiking trails through the mountains behind our RV park.

As we’ve traveled, our love of hiking has grown. There’s just something grand about being in nature and exploring it in this way.

Our kids want to climb most anything we’ll allow them to climb. Mercy was very excited to discover this shelf on the side of a small mountain.

Our boys are all about conquering. Climbing to the top and overlooking the ground beneath is Manning’s favorite.

All our kids, especially our little girls, love collecting rocks. We have accumulated quite the rock collection from our travels.

We really didn’t know of or find much to do in or around Rock Springs, but we honestly hardly looked.

We had more of a relaxed week, and we really enjoyed it.

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