Hayden Island – Portland, Oregon…

Last Thursday we moved from our RV park near Seattle to a park on Hayden Island in Portland. We debated whether we should keep our reservation due to the rioting in Portland, but after talking to some locals we felt we would be safe at the location we chose.

We arrived and got settled. It used to take us so long to set up and tear down. After having done it so many times, now we are pretty fast.

Upon arrival, Ryan and I work together to decide where we want the RV parked in our site. That can be tricky. We have to consider where our vehicles will fit and if there are trees or electrical boxes that will be in the way of our slides, stairs or opening our outdoor kitchen. Once we get the RV where we want it, Ryan puts the front jacks down and unhitches our 5th wheel from our truck. I then hit an auto level button that levels our RV. Manning, Cherish and Liberty set up all our outdoor stuff – rugs, trash can, tables, chairs and shoe cubbies. I make sure nothing is out of place and then put out our slides. Ryan hooks up the sewer, water and electric. Rhythm sweeps the inside of the RV. I vacuum the indoor rugs. Then Ryan mops the floors inside while I put things back in place that I put away for moving. This is the only time we have no kids in the RV and the easiest time to do a quick floor cleaning. Tapestry watches and entertains our little kids in the air-conditioned van while we do all this. It takes about 20 minutes.

On Hayden Island, we were just across the Washington/Oregon state line. Tapestry suggested we walk the bridge across the Columbia River for our evening walk that first evening.

We thought that sounded like an interesting adventure so we went for it. It was fun crossing from Oregon into Washington and then back into Oregon.

We loved seeing the sun set on the Columbia River and watching a ship go under the bridge beneath us.

Our walk across the bridge was refreshing and a great way to start our time in Oregon!

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  1. Welcome to Oregon. Hope you will get to see Timberline lodge on Mt. Hood. There are several waterfalls hikes in the area. If you do go up that way Trillium Lake is a beautiful spot for picture with Mt hood in the background. Crater Lakes is beautiful. I love following your blog. There have been several places you’ve been we want to go to now. I’m always amazed at how well your littles can hike as far as they do. Enjoy your Time in Oregon so much to do.

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