Panther Creek Falls – Carson, Washington…

Even though we were staying in Oregon, we did a lot of going back and forth between Oregon and Washington since we were so close to the state line.

Saturday we met up with some friends from Texas who now live in Washington. Kari is the daughter of some friends we went to church with for many years. She and her husband have four boys and she is pregnant with another boy. She is an amazing boy mom!

We took a beautiful route from Portland to Carson, Washington to get to Panther Creek Falls.

We hiked a short way down and were able to view the water fall from above.

Then, we hiked further down. It was a somewhat difficult trail to hike for very young kids, but it was doable and enjoyable.

Manning and Rhythm loved having other boys around! They talked and had a good time with Julean, Kamden, Aydan and Brayson.

We were stunned by the beauty of Panther Creek Falls when we got to the bottom of it.

It looked like it was glowing. It is one of the prettiest waterfalls I’ve ever seen!

The trail was fun to hike. It was cool, nice weather, and there were beautiful views in all directions.

We loved getting to hang out with friends and see Panther Creek Falls!

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