The Gum Wall – Seattle, Washington…

Late Friday evening we made it to our RV park near Seattle. We didn’t do much the first few days as we were waiting to get our van fixed. The van was still drivable, though, so we did decide to drive into Seattle late Sunday afternoon to check out the city.

We drove by the Space Needle, a Seattle icon. And we went to Kerry Park to view the Seattle skyline.

When I googled “what to see in Seattle”, I saw the Gum Wall. I immediately wanted to go. Ha!

There, two alley walls in downtown Seattle are covered in chewed gum.

We stopped by a convenience store on our way to the Gum Wall and picked up five packs of gum.

We drove to a parking spot near the alley. We all picked some gum to chew, popped it in our mouths and headed to the Gum Wall.

Our kids absolutely loved this! They thought it was the funnest, funniest thing.

There were several other people there taking pictures, including a couple getting engagement photos done.

When I posted this experience on Facebook, I loved the different reactions. Some said seeing the chewed gum made them gag and others thought it looked so fun.

What really made me laugh was when one of our kids said to me, “Hey, we saw a post covered in chewed gum at Stone Mountain and you said it was gross and not to touch it.” Haha! That is true. Somehow this felt different to me, like a fun work of art.

We chewed, chewed, chewed. We blew bubbles. We walked around taking fun photos in different places along the wall. We had a blast.

I had the easiest time getting photos because the kids were posing and asking me to take their pictures.

In the end, we contributed our chewed gum to the artwork. Then, we walked back to the van and immediately sanitized all of our hands. Haha!

That was a unique, weird, quirky and fun adventure I’m sure our kids will remember and tell!

What do you think about the Seattle Gum Wall – disgusting, fun or something in between?

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