Great Falls, Montana…

Friday we left our RV park in Billings and made our way to our new spot in Great Falls. Every time we hitch the RV to the truck and start driving, River asks enthusiastically, “Mommy, are we going to a new RV park?” It’s funny how this has become our normal way of life. We have adjusted and are used to our traveling lifestyle.

Our kids couldn’t wait to get to this particular RV park, Great Falls KOA, because some of our full-time RVing friends were there. As soon as we pulled in, our kids asked when they could see Jeremiah and Addy. Jeremiah and Addy were just as excited and quickly showed up at our site. We enjoyed hanging out at the playground and roasting marshmallows for s’mores together that first evening.

On Saturday we went with our friends to Ryan Dam. It is a huge dam, and it was really cool to see.

After hanging out there awhile, we headed back to the RV park and took the kids to the splash pad.

This was definitely the coolest splash pad we’ve ever seen or experienced.

The pool is about 1.5 feet deep. My kind of pool – I didn’t worry too much about our kids. I put floaties on our little ones for extra safety, though.

Our kids had so much fun. They wore themselves out running around, sliding and playing.

The next morning, we told our friends goodbye as they headed out to Kalispell, the same place we’d be going the next day.

We hung around the RV that morning and had our own family church, something we’ve been doing since March. It’s nice having kids who play instruments and lead worship for us! We will be very ready to visit different churches again when this virus calms down, though.

Sunday afternoon we went to Giant Springs State Park in Great Falls. It was absolutely gorgeous.

The springs flowing into Roe River were amazing to see.

We walked a paved trail along the river side and took in all the great views surrounding us.

We got off on a side trail and followed a stream of water. I had Rhythm take a photo of Ryan and me.

When he finished taking the photo, some of our girls yelled at me and asked me to take a photo of them. I laughed when I saw that they’d perfectly arranged themselves for a great photo. Those are my girls! Haha.

Throughout our visit to Giant Springs, we would hear water running and we’d try tracking down where the water was coming from.

We all loved Giant Springs State Park. We would have spent much more time there if we had the time.

We’ve always heard Montana is beautiful. It truly is. We have loved every moment we’ve gotten to spend in it!

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