Beartooth Highway – Montana/Wyoming…

A couple people recommended we drive Beartooth Highway. I blew off the idea because it was about a 2 hour drive to Beartooth Pass from our RV park in Billings, and a 2 hour drive back. That’s a lot of time in the van just driving. We met a family of 9 at our RV park, and they told us it was the most beautiful drive they’ve ever done. Ryan talked me into it after that conversation. And I’m glad he did!

We drove about an hour to Red Lodge. There we stopped at Family Dollar to pick up some snacks. From there, endless amazing views unfolded before our eyes.

We drove up, winding through mountains. There were numerous pull-offs and look-outs along the way. It was hard to resist stopping at them all.

One of our favorite stops was at Rock Creek Vista Point. There were restrooms, which we all needed and used.

Tons of chipmunks were roaming around that area. A man gave our kids sunflower seeds to feed to the chipmunks. Our kids absolutely loved feeding them. Bravely was half excited, half terrified. She had us all laughing!

There we walked on a path out to an amazing mountain viewpoint. We were all in awe of the surrounding beauty.

We got back in the van and ate snacks as we drove into more incredible views, this one being my favorite. Lake, mountains, sunshine, blue skies, clouds and snow…doesn’t get much more picturesque than this.

Did I mention snow? Snow in July? We were so excited to stop and stand in it. Naturally, most of our kids (and Ryan 😁) started throwing snowballs.

After seeing the snow we continued on, crossing from Montana into Wyoming, and we drove Beartooth Pass.

After Beartooth Pass, we turned around and saw all the beautiful views once again as we headed back home to our RV. We do call our RV home sweet home.

We all thought Beartooth Highway was completely worth the long drive. We’d do it again, and we highly recommend it.

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  1. I just love reading your emails and seeing your beautiful photos. We are not full-time RVing YET, but I’m really looking forward to it! We lived overseas when our kids were young and traveled then like you are now. Homeschooling allowed us time to explore and LIVE LIFE! No regrets!! Our kids’ fondest memories are from our travels/adventures. THANK you for sharing with strangers, your email is such a breath of fresh air in my In Box!

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