Late nights in Kalispell, Montana…

Monday we moved from Great Falls to Kalispell. We’ve been here almost a week, and we have loved almost every minute of our time here.

We are staying at a new RV park called Montana Basecamp. It is a nice park surrounded with mountain views. We’ve enjoyed spending time outside and walking the bike trail that runs behind our RV park for miles and miles.

Something that surprised us here is that it is light out until about 10PM. We’ve loved staying out late and sleeping in all week.

If we are planning to stay a week or longer in one place, we often have a down day the day after we arrive in a new location. That’s what we did on Tuesday. We did laundry, paid bills, made calls, worked and just hung around the RV park.

That evening we went for a long walk on the bike trail. Well, actually we had some walking, some roller-blading, some on scooters, some riding ripstiks and a couple in the stroller.

Wednesday we spent about 3 hours driving around to 7, yes SEVEN, different stores trying to find life vests for all of our kids who didn’t own one. We’d find one here, a couple there, and another elsewhere. We finally acquired one for each kid, and we were excited to be set to meet friends at Lake Flathead later in the week.

Wednesday evening we wanted to get out and do something, so we drove to Whitefish to walk The Whitefish Trail. When we arrived we read the warning signs about bears that recommended having bear spray. Did you know there was such a thing? We had no clue. Apparently, it is a spray similar to mace that is used to deter aggressive or charging bears. We had no bear spray, we had no cell service and it was after 8PM and no one else was around.

Because of those reasons, we decided to walk a short loop, the Swift Creek Trailhead.

It was a nice walk that lead to Swift Creek Overlook, which displayed a beautiful view.

We finished walking the loop, and then we drove a short distance to Les Mason State Park. We parked and walked down a path to Whitefish Lake.

There the kids enjoyed skipping stones across the water as we watched the sun set.

It was one of several late nights out this week, and it was a good one!

Just wait until I tell you about the evening we were trying to make it down a snowy mountain after 9PM…

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  1. We love Whitefish. Our grandson & his wife moved there last year. He is the youth pastor at Canvas Church in Kalispell. We loved the huckleberry ice cream at Sweet Peaks and beautiful Flathead Lake! Enjoy your journey! 😊

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