The Billy Graham Library – Charlotte, NC…

This morning we were just hanging around the RV when it suddenly started snowing. It was a total surprise! No snow stuck to the ground, but it was a great sight watching snowflakes fall from the sky.

After lunch, we headed to the Billy Graham Library, where admission is free.

We first visited Billy Graham’s childhood home. We were able to walk through the first floor, seeing some original furniture and many family photos.

We absolutely loved meeting Rose, a 93-year-old woman who was a caretaker of Billy Graham’s mom. She told stories of the Graham’s, and she gave each of us a card with a bible verse on it. She asked each of our kids their names and individually sang “Jesus Loves Me” with each name inserted in the song. Ten rounds of the same song for one family with unique names is dedication! Rose is really precious and was a gem to meet!

Next, we walked over to the building considered the library. It’s not an actual library full of books, but there is such a good tour.

The tour starts with Bessy the cow talking and singing. Our older kids were given questionnaires to fill out throughout the tour that they could exchange for a gift at the end.

We were guided through several rooms. We watched some short videos. We learned about Billy Graham’s life, family and ministry.

The part I loved most is that the tour is ultimately about what Billy Graham was all about…leading people to salvation.

It was comfortable. It wasn’t awkward or pushy. Anyone can go and appreciate how this tour is put together.

Parts of the tour are self guided. We were able to view many belongings of Billy and Ruth Graham. We were able to see what they were all about and what mattered to them most.

The tour ended with a short video of testimonies of people from all different cultures whose lives were changed by God.

Then we were directed to exit the tour through the cross and were told that prayer was available for anyone who wanted it. Those who wanted prayer could simply let a staff member know. Again, they made this very comfortable with no pressure.

A few staff members were intrigued by our big family. We talked for a few minutes and then a man prayed a prayer of blessing over our family.

We didn’t expect to feel so encouraged by just visiting the Billy Graham Library, but we left feeling full. We absolutely loved our time spent at the Billy Graham Library!

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