Smith Rock State Park – Terrebonne, Oregon…

Smith Rock State Park is about 40 minutes from Bend, a very popular vacation destination in Oregon.

We drove there Friday afternoon. It was so hot when we got there that we decided to leave and go back Friday evening. I guess we’ve been away from the Texas heat too long and have been spoiled with cooler summer temperatures. It worked out great to return later. It was cool, shaded and not crowded when we returned.

Smith Rock is known as a great place for rock climbing and repelling. There are also many great hiking trails with interesting views.

We walked easy, stroller-friendly trails and got to watch the sun go down as we walked.

The kids skipped, ran, sang and yelled in order to hear their echos.

We found this cross in the side of a rock.

Tapestry asked to borrow my phone to take pictures of Bravely. This is becoming a new hobby of hers, and she takes some really cute photos.

My favorite view was of Crooked River running through Smith Rock. We all loved walking the trail alongside the river.

Slowly the sun faded away and we found ourselves walking in the dark with a star-lit sky and rock silhouettes. We searched for and found the Big Dipper.

As we walked in this amazing place, in the dark, we decided to yell what we all felt…“FREEDOM!”

I absolutely loved Smith Rock State Park, even as much as many national parks we’ve visited. It is just so unique and pretty.

It was an evening to remember for all!

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